Before visiting a school, we recommend you make a list of the schools you wish to see. Be sure to visit all the schools on your list, if you can. A visit is the best way to determine whether a school is right for your child. Even a short visit will help you assess a school’s fit and culture. Once on site, be an active observer! Attend open houses, visit during school hours, and engage with school staff.

While we recommend the below items be included on your visit ‘check list’, what’s most important is that your key factors for the decision are included in the list you use.

  • The classrooms look cheerful and students are focused on their work.
  • Student work is displayed, and it is appropriate for the grade level.
  • Teachers seem enthusiastic and knowledgeable.
  • The educational model is innovative and personalized.
  • Teachers appear to have a plan.
  • The principal is confident and interested in interacting with children, teachers, and parents.
  • Students act respectfully toward each other in class, during transitions, and at lunchtime.
  • There is a gym, playground, or field.
  • There is an art/music room, science room, and/or computer lab.
  • Facilities are well maintained, the bathrooms are clean and well supplied, and the grounds look safe and inviting.