Meet Gevon. He will be a senior at the Cornerstone Health + Technology High School in the fall. This summer, he is working at Lear Corporation, thanks to connections he made as an internship participant at Cornerstone. Gevon recently had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shadow one of the country’s leading CEOs, Jim Hackett of the Ford Motor Company, for a day.

Hackett has been impressed with Cornerstone’s commitment to providing students with professional training and development through the Career Pathways Program. Gevon told us, “It was a great day. Mr. Hackett taught me about different kinds of leadership, and encouraged me to be outgoing as a leader. He talked to me about moving from the CEO of Steelcase to the CEO of Ford Motor Company. While he acknowledged that he had a lot to learn, he helped me see that good leadership is universal.

“Mr. Hackett had a lunch meeting that day with theoretical physicist Geoffrey West and I joined them. Mr. West is looking at how universal scaling laws at the atomic and cellular level may be applied to cities, corporations and more. Lastly, I got to go to a pitch meeting about Ford’s future, moving into the train station, and more. I will never forget this day, and I look forward to taking what I learned from Mr. Hackett with me as I go forward.”

Congratulations, Gevon! We’re looking forward to seeing you apply these lessons as you grow as a leader.