Everyone has a different preference for reading. My daughter Ashley, needed to find a series that she loved. Once she found that series she was hooked on reading. She has her favorite genres and authors that are her to go to for books. My son, Brandon, well, he’s a picky reader. He has no go to genre or author that he heads for. My husband, he’s a cross between them. He’s a picky reader, but has his favorite series and a couple of authors that are his favorites. Me? I have a never-ending to be read (TBR) pile. It is filled with a variety of genres and authors.

To encourage reading at home we had a lot of books and magazines. According to the National Literacy Trust, children who own books are fifteen times more likely to be reading above the expected grade level. Owning books shows children that as adults, we value reading.

There are many ways to foster more reading time for your children:

  • Encourage your child to read in the car or, as a family, choose an audio book to listen to in the car.
  • Take a book with you to appointments. Let your child model you as you fit in as many pages as you can while you wait.
  • Give books as gifts and inscribe the front so children will remember your thoughtfulness
  • Reward children with books, or the opportunity to choose their own book at a bookstore, when they accomplish a goal or make progress at school.
  • Host a “book exchange” party with your friends and their children. Everyone brings a book or two that they have read, and can exchange with others for their favorite books
  • Instead of allowing your child to play on the phone, encourage him or her to spend that time reading books. Those may be just a few minutes of reading, but those few minutes do add up.
  • Most of all enjoy the time that you and your family spend with books.