Cornerstone Charter Schools EducationParents choosing free public education for their children have more than one option in the city of Detroit. More than half of all K-12 students in Detroit attend charter schools ¹, which is the third highest percentage in the nation. While traditional public schools and charter schools both provide free public education and incur the same operations costs, charter schools get 20 percent less per pupil funding than traditional public schools, but offer advanced academic programs, special education programs, and career preparation opportunities ².

Some, including lawmakers, believe charter schools are not required to provide special education programs, and are not held to the same requirements and performance standards. Charter schools have the same requirements as traditional public schools but receive less funding to meet them, meaning they must run a more cost-effective operation. Compared to traditional public schools in the same city, charter schools are about 32% more cost-effective in meeting their respective state requirements; however, due to the inequality in funding from the state, they must rely on innovative strategies to fund the programs that make them unique.

At Cornerstone Schools, we provide opportunities that prepare children for career and college. Cornerstone students have completed internships at some of the top companies in the city, such as Lear Corporation, Beaumont Health, and Deloitte, and have attended some of the top colleges and universities in the nation.

Funding is needed to support these unique programs that fully prepare students for career and college:

– The Partner Morning Program

– Career Pathways

– Music/Arts Education

– Dual High School/College Enrollment

– Cornerstone For Life

Cornerstone is deeply grateful to our business partners for their financial support and the many opportunities they provide for our students. We are proud to partner with them in preparing the children of Detroit to lead fulfilling lives.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can support Cornerstone Schools, please email Janice.Perzigian or call 248-268-8521.