iReady is a digital tool with such richness and depth that it has spawned an entire site of ideas devised by educators to maximize its use. iReady Central houses so many tips and tricks, that it would take hours to mine all that is contained there. So, I’ve scoured the content and curated some of most creative ideas for you:


Derby Days

Each class gets a horse. Based on weekly usage and pass rates, the horses are moved along the bulletin board.


iReady Punch Cards

Each child gets a punch card. Every time a student passes a lesson, he/she gets to punch the card. Once the card is all punched, the student gets a prize. 


Sticker Charts

Each student gets a sticker chart to record passed lessons. After every 5 lessons passed, the student earns a sticker. After 5 stickers the student can select a prize or incentive. 


iReady Store

Students earn “bucks” for passing lessons with a 70% or better. The bucks can be used to purchase items from the store. 


3 Lessons in a Row Reward System

Student track their lessons. When they pass 3 lessons in a row they earn a small prize. However, if they fail a lesson they must start over.


Dress Up Like an iReady Character

When your class or school meets a goal, the teacher dresses up like an iReady character. 


Instagram Wall

Students get to pose for iReady Instagram pictures when they meet goals. 


Limited Technology

The teacher has only 5 devices for her classroom. 


I hope that these ideas inspire you to get creative with iReady in your classroom and school. Check in regularly with iReady Central in order to get the latest information on how to positively impact student achievement.