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School Leadership

Adams-Young Elementary
Ms. Tamiko Grier, Principal
13130 Grove St.
Detroit, MI 48235
P: 313-395-8990
F: 313-397-4488

Adams-Young Middle School
Ms. Allysia Davis, Principal
17351 Southfield Fwy.
Detroit, 48235
P: 313-486-4260
F: 313-541-1836

Jefferson-Douglass Academy
Mrs. Monica Thompson, Principal
6861 E. Nevada St.
Detroit, MI 48234
P: 313-314-1300
F: 313-368-1208

Madison-Carver Academy
Ms. Lauren Griffin, Principal
19900 McIntyre St.
Detroit, MI 48219
P: 313-486-4626
F: 313-387-7750

Washington-Parks Academy
Mr. Phillip Price, Principal
11685 Appleton St.
Redford, MI 48239
P: 313-592-6061
F: 313-242-5156

Lincoln-King High School
Mr. Kirk Cannon, Principal
13436 Grove St.
Detroit, MI 48235
P: 313-862-2352
F: 313-862-2462


Cornerstone Education Group
306 E. Fourth St.
Royal Oak, MI 48067
P: (248) 439-6228 ext. 1531
F: (248) 439-6950


Kaly Bhatt
Sr. Director of Compliance & Admissions
P: (734) 812-8583

Development Team

Human Resources

Accounts Payable

Media & Marketing

ADA Compliance

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