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Inspire a career direction. Impart a new skill. Plant the seeds for future success. 

It’s amazing what a few hours of your time will accomplish. Learn how you can have far-reaching effects on the lives of our students.

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Cornerstone students need you — our broad and beloved Partner community. We know that so many of our Partners and Friends have skills and strengths that could help enhance our classroom experiences. Perhaps you would like to read to a classroom of young students, or help teach an art lesson. Perhaps you’re a master gardener, a published author, or can teach a lesson related to one of our character words and provide a great learning experience. If you have something to share that is not covered by any of our other opportunities, please feel free to reach out to

Volunteers Needed! SOAR Reading Mentors

Do you have 1-2 hours/week you can give to a 2nd grade Cornerstone student? Students participating in SOAR Detroit’s literacy program receive one-on-one mentoring, twice a week for one hour each. Every student is supported by an individualized learning plan prepared by a SOAR professional education specialist and supported by the SOAR mentor. On average, students increase 2-3 grade levels after one year in the program.

How does it work?

SOAR will schedule training and answer specific questions you may have. You will be assigned a child based on your schedule and will stay with that child through the school year. At the appointed classroom time, the Cornerstone Teacher and SOAR Educator will begin a Zoom session with Mentors and their students. Mentors will go into a separate breakout room with their student and begin the online session. A customized reading plan and materials for each student will be provided to the Mentor.

For additional information or to sign up, contact Elaine Keillor, at


C- Suite Series

The C-Suite Series initiative is a virtual learning engagement and speaking opportunity designed to deepen students’ knowledge and preparation beyond high school. Top-level executives are invited to speak to our senior students about their success, their walk in life, their educational journey, and their chosen career path.

Selected students learn about various careers, colleges and skilled trades choices; and what skills are needed to thrive in the workplace and succeed. This initiative is also designed to advance the students’ experience and knowledge with writing, research, and critical skills; as well as allowing them to better understand their career aspirations and what it takes to attain achievement. Students will develop basic professional skills, (e.g. appropriate dress, how to conduct themselves in a business manner, importance of a good firm handshake, and how to organize and lead a business meeting).

For additional information or to volunteer as a C-Suite speaker, contact Mona Kidder, Career Pathways Program Manager, at

M-Suite Series

The M-Suite Series is a virtual learning opportunity for young professionals to expose students to a variety of careers and to provide them with industry-specific knowledge on how to pursue their goals. In an informal setting, young business professionals meet with high school students to share about their career pathway, educational journey, lessons learned, and respond to students’ questions.

Students learn about the do’s and don’ts in the workplace, how to make wise decisions, and what it takes to thrive and succeed at work. They begin to learn basic professional skills and how to develop relationships and build a professional network. This initiative will aid students with decision making for their own career interests. It will help students in developing basic professional skills of how to engage and connect.

For additional information or to sign up as an M-Suite speaker, contact Mona Kidder, Career Pathways Program Manager, at

Guest Teacher

The Cornerstone Guest Teacher Initiative is a virtual learning engagement and speaking opportunity designed to assist and reinforce the teacher in the prepared lesson plan, which is relevant to the industry-specific coursework (e.g. Manufacturing, Construction, Health Care, IT and Business). Time involvement is for one class, one lesson (approx. 45-60 min).

The Guest Teacher directly reinforces the learning objectives in the class by delivering a hands-on activity or interactive experience. The Guest Teacher can provide their unique perspective of “here is what it looks like on the ground – this is the way we use this in the workplace.” Students’ experiences are enriched when they hear from a variety of voices.

The teacher will provide a “wish list” of lessons that can be delivered and work directly with the Guest Teacher to identify a window of time in which the lesson will sync up with the class learning objectives.

For additional information or to sign up, contact Mona Kidder, Career Pathways Program Manager, at

Junior Achievement

Cornerstone and Junior Achievement have launched a partnership to bring career exposure and business skills to our K-8 students, and we invite you to be part of it. You can make a positive difference by volunteering for 1-6 hours over the coming school year. Our teachers have a great deal of professional experience in their industry, but it makes an impression on students when they hear from a variety of voices, from people currently “doing the work on the ground.” The guest teacher will help tie the classroom teacher’s lessons to the workplace. It will spark in the student’s mind and understanding of “this is why I am learning the things I learn in class—I understand how my classroom lessons relate to being successful in the career world.”

For additional information or to sign up, contact Wanesha Daniel, Career Pathways Program Manager, at

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