It’s startling to realize that the United States ranked last out of 21 industrialized nations in child health and safety. It is imperative that students are well-fed and active if they are going to be ready to learn.

Making healthy food choices is one way to help children achieve better health and wellness. We strive to make sure Cornerstone’s meal programs provide the healthiest choices possible so that our students are well-fed and equipped for learning.

Six Secrets to Success

  1. Make healthy options standard whenever foods are sold or shared — parties, fundraisers, school events, celebrations and concessions — in and out of the cafeteria and the classroom.
  2. Make fresh fruits and veggies, water, whole grains and low-fat/fat-free dairy products front and center for students.
  3. Limit or eliminate unhealthy choices that interfere with nutrition education, send conflicting messages about what we value and make it harder for children to internalize healthy habits.
  4. Shift the focus from food to fun — host events and celebrations that promote physical activity, music, art, and games.
  5. Provide students with non-food rewards for good behavior and performance.
  6. Use meal time as an opportunity for nutrition education with school gardens, taste tests, healthy snack time, healthy vending, concessions and school stores. All Cornerstone schools work with Big Green Detroit and have a garden onsite where children can learn about the importance of healthy food and the rewards of growing it themselves.

As a community, Cornerstone wants the very best for our students. Their overall health and well-being is an essential component to their future success.