Cornerstone names its schools after significant Founders and Civil Rights Leaders as one name. The school names uniquely depict an American journey, together. They are: Washington-Parks, Jefferson-Douglass, Lincoln-King, Madison-Carver, and Adams-Young.  The story of this American journey needs to be told, in truth and with grace. It is the American promise.

The great civil rights leader Ambassador Andrew Young, a living namesake of one of our schools, called this pairing of names “a masterstroke.” He went on to say: “The pairing idea reminds us that we are one people. America is a good land. It is unique in human history. It is an unfolding promise. Despite past mistakes it remains a land of opportunity.” Ambassador Young elaborates on this idea in a moving video entitled Cornerstone: A Turning Point for the Complete Life

 In honor of Black History Month, we are highlighting the African American leaders for whom our schools are named by sharing the videos made during our dedication event in October 2021, honoring Ambassador Young and dedicating the Ambassador Andrew J. Young Cornerstone Center for The Complete Life. The students featured below shared their knowledge of the various school namesakes on a livestream video from their schools.

Frederick Douglass was born into slavery and taught himself to read. He escaped when he was 20. He published his own newspaper The North Star. Click here to see 8th grader Christian share more about Frederick Douglass.

A granddaughter of slaves, Rosa Parks was a civil rights activist. Her work on the Montgomery Bus Boycott helped make it a successful protest. Learn more about Mrs. Parks from Carden, a 4th grade student, by clicking here.

George Washington Carver is credited with many innovations in agriculture. Click here to learn more about him from Michari, an 8th grader.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. dedicated his life to the fight for justice and civil rights. His is one of the most recognizable leaders of the 1960’s civil rights movement in the United States. Click here and learn more about Dr. King from high school student, Jeremiah.

Ambassador Andrew J. Young worked closely with Dr. Martin Luther King for many years. He has had a tremendous career in public service and is a wonderful friend to Cornerstone Schools. Learn more about Ambassador Young from Arian, a Cornerstone 3rd grader.