Honoring Cornerstone Principals


October is National Principals Month, an opportunity to recognize Principals for the essential role they play in making schools great.  All six of Cornerstone’s Principals are amazing, awesome, and give their all to make Cornerstone Schools exceptional. They are examples for all, leading the way as we all strive to build the Complete Life.

Lincoln-King High School is led by Principal, Mr. Andy Anuzis. A long-time Cornerstone employee, Mr. Anuzis brings his operational expertise and love of education to bear in his role as Principal. Josh Speyers, a teacher at Lincoln-King, says, “Principal Anuzis is an inspired leader as demonstrated by his relentless positivity in fostering an atmosphere of learning and creative problem solving.”

Senior Ju’eal says, “Mr. Anuzis is a visionary and will do anything for the kids. He’s doing his job right!”

Mr. Kirk Cannon is the Principal at Adams-Young Middle School. 2022-23 is his second year with Cornerstone. Teachers and students alike love and respect him. Teacher Prosper Iwu says, “Mr. Cannon has created an environment where our voices are being heard in effort to establish and instill the Cornerstone mission.”

Sixth grader Madison says, “Mr. Cannon is such an awesome Principal because he welcomes everyone. He makes everyone feel comfortable and safe. This is my first year at this school, and I can surely say that he makes me feel like I belong.”

The Principal at Adams-Young Elementary is Mrs. Tamiko Grier. A veteran educator, Mrs. Grier makes learning and listening a priority at her school. Her compassion and her grace make her a favorite among her staff and her students.

Fifth grader MaLia shares, “Mrs. Grier works so hard to keep our school nice and running well. Thank you for all the things you do for our school, Mrs. Grier!”

Mrs. Lauren Griffin is the Principal at Madison-Carver Academy. Her dedication and commitment to her students, staff, and families is apparent in all she does. Lyric, a second grader, shares, “Mrs. Griffin is my favorite principal because she protects our school and makes sure everyone is safe.”

Madison-Carver teacher Markiesha Stovall says, “Mrs. Griffin is a wonderful principal because she genuinely loves the students and she listens to her staff, and advocates for the needs of all. She asks staff for input and implements suggestions when she is able. She is all about making school an engaging, fun, safe space for our students.”

Mr. Phil Price is the Principal at Washington-Parks Academy. He’s been an educator for more than 40 years. He loves what he does…and it shows!  Second graders Demari and Rhyan want everyone to know, “Mr. Price makes sure that we are always safe when we are in school.”

Joy Stephens, MTTS Coordinator and Math Interventionist at Washington-Parks, comments, “Principal Price is the Truth! His love for children & frankly, for everyone around him…no matter what role they serve in at WPA…is what makes PP incomparable & truly one of a kind.”

Mrs. Monica Thompson is the longest-tenured of Cornerstone’s Principals, serving Cornerstone for 19 years. She is a school leader, a peer leader, and an exceptional role model for her students.

Kareem, a 5th Grade student, shares, “Before she takes care of herself, she takes care of the students. She works hard to keep us all safe and protects us. She does this by any means necessary, and I like that! I think Mrs. Thompson deserves a day off to take care of herself.”

Keri Tarrant, Cornerstone’s Virtue Consultant shares, “Mrs. Thompson is amazing. She leads with virtue, respects our students, and calls us on to excellence.”

Cornerstone is honored and privileged to work with these administrators to help guide our staff, students, and families on their journeys. They are passionate leaders whose dedication to Cornerstone’s mission and values shines through in all they do.