Dr. Shelia Wofford-Glenn

Using Student Data to Advance Achievement

“Cornerstone team energy is contagious!”

Name: Dr. Shelia Wofford-Glenn

Position: Edmentum Administrator

Location: Lincoln-King High School

Time at Cornerstone: 2 years

What do you love most about your job

What I love most about my job as the Edmentum Administrator is the opportunity to provide school-wide assistance and quality customer service to my colleagues and our students. Being instrumental in how we use and apply student data to advance student achievement that will allow teachers to breathe, in the sense that they can do what they do best, is truly exciting!  

What is special about Cornerstone, in your opinion? 

The number one thing that I have found that is special about Cornerstone is the team of teachers and staff. Everyone is so gifted and talented in their area of expertise, yet willing to do and learn more. That type of energy is contagious!

What policy, program, or best practice have you implemented (on your own or with a team) that you are most proud of? 

The program that I am most proud of was our Summer School Program. We were a small unit, but mighty in every way to get a significant number of students to fulfill their credit recovery obligations.  A great deal of students’ credit hour success, from my perspective, had everything to do with consistency of our leadership and best practices.  Best Practices to me are no-brainers, as a professional work ethic and consistency have a special place in my heart. Without them –  business, school, or otherwise – success is derailed!