Edward R. McLean

Creative and Productive

“Mr. McLean brings a calming and peaceful presence. He works hard to teach his students about accepting one another despite their differences and being kind. Mr. McLean exhibits the required characteristics of the Complete Life journey through humility, patience, joy, courage, and forgiveness,” says MCA Principal Lauren Griffin.

What’s your best memory of your own school days?

The best memory of my own school days was being front page of the newspaper in the 5th grade because the name sake of my elementary school, Damon J. Keith, pinched my cheeks in front of the reporter.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I was a cook for the football team in college. Also, I am a sneakerhead!

What’s your professional superpower?

I routinely push myself and others outside of our comfort zone.

How do you empower your students to live their complete life?

I provide an example of what a positive, productive person should be. I listen to my students to help them form who they want to become.

What’s the one word your students would use to describe you?

Creative is the word students would use to describe me.  They would say I am creative because of the way that I am able to make an assignment fun and relative.