Latisha Brown


As an essential front-line colleague, what shapes your work philosophy and ethic?

Safety, teamwork and integrity are what shape my work ethic. During these trying times it is imperative that we put safety first. Our students’ and staffs’ health is our number one priority. We are taking all safety precautions during the pandemic. I believe with a strong plan and team we can accomplish anything.


Share a fun fact about yourself!

I love long walks on the beach and spending quality time with family. Family is key.


What led you to Cornerstone?

I started my journey with Cornerstone in September 2006. I worked for a contracted company that serviced Cornerstone Private Schools at the time. I was so amazed by the students. I loved the way the school cared for the community and families that attended the school. I knew this would be home for me. I gradually worked until I was hired through Cornerstone in June 2017. I love serving the community and what better way than to start with our youth. Cornerstone has been a blessing to my family and many others as well.


What do you value most about your work here?

I value my Cornerstone team and family most. I am blessed to have a career I love and such a strong support system.


If there is a special quote, motto or mantra you live by, what is it?

“A man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything.” (Malcolm X)