Lois Robinson

A Commitment to Excellence, and the Belief That Our Children will be Successful with the Proper Tools for Learning.

“The Cornerstone Family makes Cornerstone special!”

Name: Lois J. Robinson

Position: Dean of Students

Location: Washington-Parks Academy

Time at Cornerstone: 10+ years

How long have you been involved with Cornerstone?

I have been a part of the Cornerstone Family for more than 20 years, first as a parent of a kindergarten and 5th grade student. (Evan and Eva are now both grown. Eva has come full circle and now serves as a counselor for Cornerstone.)  I worked briefly for the Cornerstone private school, then became an employee of Cornerstone Charters more than a decade ago.

What do you love most about your job

What I love most about my role is the connection I make with students and their families.  I love expanding students’ horizons and enriching their school experience and their lives.

What is special about Cornerstone, in your opinion? 

The Cornerstone Family makes Cornerstone special!  Another way to say this is The Cornerstone Way.  It’s the climate of our campuses that helps you to feel connected and in community with others who have synergy and are working towards a common goal.  That goal is to prepare students to be well-rounded human beings, dynamic citizens and exceptional scholars.  Our values, mission and passion define who we are and what we believe in for ourselves and our students. 

What policy, program, or best practice have you implemented (on your own or with a team) that you are most proud of? 

There are many initiatives over the years that have enhanced my experience:  I was the first Blending Learning Lab Coach. I helped to shape the Character Education curriculum with previous Network leaders and represented Cornerstone Charters at a national Character Education forum.  I love the family-centered events like Culture Night and the multi-generational dances that brought families out for special evenings.  Memories of the first couple of 8th grade dances that I organized at LKA still bring a smile to my face!  (Our themes rocked!) Programs from Michigan Opera Theatre that involved and engaged our students, and traveling with 8th graders out of state, or being on the bus with students on local field trips has been exciting over the years; however, most people know my absolute favorite connection has been with members of  Legacy Club.  Legacy Club is a student organization I started years ago at Lincoln-King to promote leadership and service.  A signature event of Legacy Club is Career Awareness Week which has been phenomenal over the years, even during remote learning.  The first Legacy Club members have graduated from college now, but I am in touch with many former students from LKA and MCA and it has been an absolute joy to see them matriculate from middle school, to high school, and beyond!  

Anything else you’d like to add:

A funny story:  A family came to MCA for orientation and a child about the age of 6 said, Mama, Mama, it’s the lady from TV!  They had seen an ad about Cornerstone that captured me in Blended Learning!  That was my 15 seconds of fame!  Seriously, it has been a unique experience, but I am always postured to learn and grow.  I am impassioned to be on the Restorative Practices journey, and am inspired by those things that attracted me to Cornerstone as a parent many years ago:  A commitment to excellence, and the belief that our children will be successful with the proper tools for learning.  Just as I brought my best, Evan and Eva to the Linwood Campus, parents are bringing their best to us!  It’s up to us to inspire, educate, motivate and tap students’ otherwise untapped potential.  I’m excited about the path forward!