Marilyn Thomas

Determined Team Player

Adams-Young Elementary Principal Tamiko Grier speaks very highly of teacher Marilyn Thomas. “Mrs. Thomas develops genuine relationships with all students in the building. She is always there to provide academic, as well as social-emotional, support to anyone in need.


What’s your best memory of your own school days?

Having a teacher who believed in my abilities and encouraged me to “go for it” has made me who I am today. Before seventh grade teachers didn’t encourage me. Then Ms. Sue Wall saw the potential in me and nurtured it, which changed the direction I would go. I knew then I wanted to be a teacher. Not just any teacher, but one that would see the gift in every scholar and nurture it. To make sure every scholar knows their worth.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I am a true survivor, I have fought and won the cancer battle three times. Life was difficult for me but I persevered, never gave up. Your health does not define who you are or what you can achieve. Just keep moving forward. I never gave up. Some days may have been harder than others but having a great support system and a positive mindset helped me win the battle each time.

What’s your professional superpower?

Determination: I want every scholar who walks through my classroom door to reach their true potential. There isn’t an “I can” statement they can’t reach. I want them to know I am “Team Thomas” and we can do it together!

How do you empower your students to live their complete life?

I empower my scholars to live their complete life by doing just that myself. Doing is the best way to show scholars they can, too. Lead by example. Plus it doesn’t hurt to work with a dynamic team here at Adams-Young. We have each other’s backs. It makes doing my job that much easier.

What’s the one word your students would use to describe you?

This is a hard one. One word really can’t describe me for all my scholars. They have different needs and I give according to that need. I think overall “Determination” might be the best word. I am determined to help each scholar become as successful as they can according to their hopes, wishes and dreams for their future.