Every year, thousands of school children in Metro Detroit go without backpacks and the essential supplies needed to succeed in school.  Ten years ago, Attorney Mike Morse set out to change that by establishing Project Backpack, a program that provides backpacks with school supplies to students in need. We’re honored that this year he has expanded the program and is including Cornerstone Schools in his efforts to make positive change in the community.

A Commitment to Community

Born and raised in Detroit, Morse knows firsthand what a unique, diverse and special community it is.  “Detroit has given me, my family, and my law firm so much over the years, and I make it a point to try and give back as much as possible,” he explained. “It was instilled in me early on by my dad, Joel Morse, that as a lawyer, I have a responsibility to not only fight for my clients but to help make the world around me better.”

Preparing Cornerstone Students for Success

Through his generosity, all of Cornerstone’s kindergarten through fifth grade students are receiving backpacks and essential supplies, helping them return in September feeling prepared for the year ahead.  His team has been on site at Adams-Young Elementary, Jefferson-Douglass Academy, Madison-Carver Academy, and Washington-Parks Academy providing our students the opportunity to select their own backpacks and get excited for fall.

Expanding Support of Students Nationwide

Since Project Backpack‘s inception, the Mike Morse team has helped establish similar programs in over a dozen states across the country, exponentially growing the initiative’s reach. By collaborating with other law firms and organizations nationwide, tens of thousands of students have received the support needed to academically thrive.

“I want to ensure that the students of Detroit, the surrounding communities, the state of Michigan, and beyond have the tools they need for a successful school year,” he added. “And we will continue to make each year bigger and better than the last.”

Partners like Morse are essential to the success of our students, providing much needed resources and they continue on their journey to live a Complete Life.