Reeva Whitehead

People Person

Principal Monica Thompson from Jefferson-Douglass Academy describes Academic Dean, Reeva Whitehead, “She goes over and beyond to make sure the teachers have resources to support the different learning styles of their students. Mrs. Whitehead’s door is always open to students to help them reach academic success.  She loves to dance and brings joy and excitement to everything that she presents to our community.”

What’s your best memory of your own school days?

My best memory about my own school days is when I received my 1st part as a main character and was put in the newspaper. The Cinderella and the Wiz plays my school performed were big and exciting. The performing arts school I attended for elementary and middle school holds a lot of memories.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

Most people do not know that my mom and my husband’s mom introduced us.

What’s your professional superpower?

My professional superpower is being an organizer and a people person. I have no problem with taking on a challenge and finding the solution. I also do not mind going into a room of new people and sharing my personality.

How do you empower your students to live their complete life?

I empower all students to live their complete life by thinking towards the future. Helping them understand how the present can have a great impact on their future, but let them know that they do not have to be scared to change for the better.

What’s the one word your students would use to describe you?

One word students would use to describe me is talented.