Tashawna Adams

Innovative and Committed

“Ms. Adams has been at CEG schools for 12 years. She has always focused on preparing students for lifelong success by ensuring they can read and write effectively,” remarks Adams-Young Elementary Principal Tamiko Grier.

What’s your best memory of your own school days?

My best memory of my own school days was delivering the valedictorian speech during my high school graduation. Interesting fact: I attended St. Martin Deporres High School, which is currently Lincoln-King High School.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I LOVE sports. I played basketball and softball as a child. I received a full scholarship to play basketball at Michigan State during my senior year of high school.

What’s your professional superpower?

My professional superpower is my ability to reach reluctant learners. I believe I have always had the ability to break concepts down into easy to understand pieces and make learning fun for everyone. As a student, I would critique my teachers’ lessons and come up with ways to help my friends better understand the concepts.

How do you empower your students to live their complete life?

I empower my students by making sure they understand that they are intelligent, loved, and capable of great things.

What’s the one word your students would use to describe you?

Committed (to their success).