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Academics, Character, Career -
a trifecta to success

We built Cornerstone Schools using the three foundational pillars of academics, character and career. This trifecta shapes our approach to education and guides our students toward a complete life.

We believe in shaping a person, not just through academics, but through building strong character as they grow as people. Connect with us today to learn more about our central beliefs, our approach to education and our commitment to your child’s success.

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Our mission is built on three pillars that serve as the foundation for everything we do.


We offer a rigorous academic curriculum that prepares students for career and college. Learning takes place in a clean, safe and nurturing environment where our passionate faculty and staff help guide our students along every step of their educational journey.


Our well-rounded education emphasizes character development and striving for excellence in all things. We focus on ten attributes that constitute excellent character and build them into our lessons throughout the year. This consistent and continual focus helps our students grow into outstanding learners, employees, family members, team members, entrepreneurs, visionaries and leaders.


We expose students to career options from an early age to help them envision their future. We further inspire them with engaging opportunities such as high-school internships, mentorships and learning experiences with top companies from Detroit and around the world. This is where goals and dreams blossom.

This foundation — this Cornerstone — works to develop the complete person, enabling our students to live rich, fulfilling lives.

Cornerstone Athletics = Winning At Life

At Cornerstone, we’re preparing students who participate in our fitness and athletic programs to win on the field – and more importantly to win in life.

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The Importance Of Quiet Spaces At School

Learn why Cornerstone classrooms have dedicated quiet spaces to help students self-regulate.

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Lead With Love

Valentine’s Day is this week, and when we think of that day, we of course think of love.

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